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Pay Per Click

Paid search ads, often known as pay per click or PPC, is often a great way to generate more leads quickly. Our PPC services may include advertising on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Gemini. We are a proud partner with Google and offer our clients a direct line of access to our Google advisors.


Search Engine Optimization

We’ve all heard “We’ll make you show up #1 for that keyword!” Don’t fall for that. Strategic SEO has the potential to significantly increase traffic to your website at a low cost per acquisition. We offer both local and national SEO services.


Digital Marketing Campaign Analytics and Reporting

Analytics is a must when advertising online. Many companies don’t keep track of their marketing performance, which is where we come in. Call tracking, Google Analytics, and conversion tracking are just a few ways we can help you gauge your advertising success.


Website Development and Design

Do you need a new website or custom development? We help customers get the most out of their online marketing by building WordPress websites and custom plugins to meet their business needs.


Landing Page Design and Development

When designed correctly, landing pages have the ability to significantly increase conversion rates and increase revenue. Kinetic Sequence A/B tests landing pages for you and will get the most value out of your ad spend.


Programmatic Online Video Advertising

If you are currently or would like to advertising on TV, online video advertising is a great way to extend your campaigns. Using behavioral programmatic advertising, we offer extremely competitive rates so you get the most value for your ad spend.


Display Advertising

Display advertising using ads on contextually relevant websites was one of the first forms of advertising online when the internet was born. Today it is much more advanced and can be extremely effective.



Do you ever visit Amazon and then see the products you just looked at displayed on Facebook or a different website? That’s retargeting! Putting your ads in front of someone who has already viewed your product is extremely successful for many campaigns.


Social Media Advertising

Facebook has been an advertiser’s best friend in the past few years. If you aren’t currently advertising on Facebook you may need to revisit this advertising medium. In addition to Facebook, we offer advertising on all social media platforms.


Email Marketing

Increase your brand awareness as well as sales by using email marketing. Our services include the collection of emails, segmenting your email lists, content creation, and html email design.



Have an in-house team that you’d like to leverage? Great! We offer consulting in the form of on-site training and written reports with actionable strategies and tactics.



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